Adding a Generic Sensor's URL and discovering available services

A Generic Sensor is a pre-configured mini-application, which network operators install on their servers using e.g. FTP. Using Server Scout's Repository, as many Generic Sensors can be instantiated, as required. Given the URL of a Generic Sensor, Server Scout asks the sensor for properties and fills the 'Property Name' menu.

Exploring a Generic Sensor

Using Server Scout's Generic Sensor Explorer the application connects to a Generic Sensor installed on a local or internet-connected server. Server Scout prints name and explanation of each property of the sensor. Using Generic Sensor Explorer, network managers gain instantly insight in their sensor network.

Scanning a network for devices

Using Server Scout's Discover Network feature, Server Scout prints technical details for all devices of a network. Using a simle contextual menu command, a device can be added to Repository using a single click.

Workbench - Intelligent network drawing environment

Add Sensor's of Server Scout's Repository to Workbench using a simple drag'n'drop operation.