Optimze your business communication! WebBook is the premium LAN workgroup application. Web address book available now, more to come soon...
Access your companie's address book from everywhere. 'WebBook' allows to access address books using a fast and simple web browser interface. 'WebBook' publishes - by means of a fast embedded web server - address books through your LAN or internet. Thus any Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows or Linux user is able to use your central entertprise address book.

Best of all, virtually no configuration is required. Once started, 'WebBook' fills its internal caches and immediatly starts to publish. Thus, no technical knowledge of any web server technology is required. Just start 'WebBook' and instantly access your address book. Features

  • Virutally no configuration required
  • No additional system components required, not even a web server (e.g. Apache)
  • Ships with an embedded fast web server
  • Enhanced views: Birthday summary, Company summary
  • Includes active links to send emails, open homepages, open chat sessions
  • Allows to download vCard
Each license includes the right to run 'WebBook' on one server. Volume pricing available. Please ask!

Demo restriction: No more than 6 records are visible in each view Requirements
  Server: OS X 10.2.x.
  Client: Any CSS compatible browser [Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows XP, Linux]