The ultimate OS X address book tool - im- und export any data
RadioMacGuys on AB Transfer: ... version of AB Transfer, a way cool utility for importing contact information into the MacOS Address Book. [Link] AB Transfer is a versatile utility to import and export cotact data Without any doubt, OS X address book is a very nice part of OS X. But as soon as you need to import or export contact, OS X address book fails - far too often. While some data is handled nicely, others fails due to uncertain reasons. We developed AB Transfer to assist Mac users, who need to mass im- or export data. Importing contact data into OS X address book AB Transfer imports about any .csv or .tsv data into OS X address book. Due to its intuitive OS X like interface to map imported fields to addresss book fields, its usage is very common to any OS X user. Data might be imported from any other computer, since AB Transfer knows about Windows, Unicode, Japanese and even MS DOS text encoding. Thus, any contact source is transparently mapped to your current system's address book text encoding.

Besides .csv/.tsv data, AB Tranfer for Act! allows to import Act! DBF files, while AB Transfer Pro imports data from MySQL database systems. Exporting contact data from OS X address book AB Transfer exports groups or complete address book as MS Excel or .csv files. Moreover, .csv files might be generated for GMX, WEB.DE and Plaxo.com web address book import. Any export is performed in less than a minute. Steps to read, verify and import data

  • Define your data source
  • Choose your text encoding [Screenshot]
  • Check prepared data [Screenshot]
  • Select, which records should be imported [Screenshot]
  • And finally import selected records - 200 records per seconds
Steps to read, verify and import data In case you need an ODBC database driver for OS X, please ask. We provide ODBC drivers for various database systems. Please send an email to our sales team!