Server Scout monitors Apache, routers, managed switches, file- or application servers
Server Scout - Your automated system supervisor Server Scout is an application, which monitors networked communication systems [Apache, MySQL, etc.] by means of the predefined sensors or user-defined scripts. [Screenshots..., full size screenshot...]

Monitors virtually any system Due to Server Scout's versatile sensor architecture, the application manages a broad range of systems:
  • Routers or managed switches
  • Intra- or internet-based web- or application server
  • OS X, Windows, UNIX or Linux based file servers

To make the system manager's life as easy as possible, we ship the application with several predefined sensors:

  • Network Latency - Supervises the time, a data package needs to reach a system
  • Simple HTTP Ping - Retrieves a web-page based on a give URL, monitors the page's size and speed of a server
  • Apache Server Status - Retrieves Apache's integrated Sever-Status feature and monitors Apache's performance
  • Generic Sensor - Queries an arbitrary script [sample PHP script included]. This versatile mechanism allows to supervise MySQL, Oracle, or virtually any other server application.

Visit the screenshot page for Server Scout's user interface.

This is a preview. Thus, the applications quits after 30 seconds and doesn't save preferences. Besides that, the application allows to monitor an arbitrary number of system. System requirements Requires OS X 10.2.8. Compatible to PPC and Intel Macs.