CMS-X generates good links by magic.
Using tool-tips is essential Any web-site uses some kind menu system. Often, a short text is the only information available for a menu entry. Tool-tips help people locating the right link on a pages, since they show further link details, once a user hovers with his mouse over a link.

In fact, they are vital information for people with disabilities, who use so called screen-readers . A screen reader helps blind people to read a web page, since the screen-reader reads a complete page. For each link, the screen reader reads the tool tip too. Thus, a tool-tip helps people with disabilities to navigate your site.

CM-X helps in preparing tool-tips, since CM-X creates all tool tips for your by-magic. Each time you edit a page, CM-X updates all too-tips automatically.

To learn more on this topic, visit this site: Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

No tool-tips These are pure links with no tooltips. These links lacks detail information and can hardly be understood by people with disabilities.

Short tool-tips These are pure links with short tooltips. Hover with our mouse over a link and wait a second. The tooltip will appear soon.

Long tool-tips These are pure links long tooltips. Hover with our mouse over a link and wait a second. Note, that the long tooltip is automatically inserter by CM-X. The prepares the tool-tip based on the pages's title and the page's teaser/summary.
Each time your change the title or the summary of a page, all tool-tips on all your site's pages change by magic.