CMS-X generates good sitemaps by magic - and saves time and money.
What is a sitemap all about? Well, a sitemap isn't an 'must have' for a web site, but if you wish to grow your business or help people find the right document on your site, you should provide a sitemap.

A sitemap is a full list of all pages, which are available. Some web designers tend to provide graphical sitemaps, some tend to provide textual sitemap. We stongly belive, that a textual sitemap is preferrabal, because people with disabilites can use it through their screen-reader and search engines can better index your pages.

Using a standard web editor, crafting a sitemap is an ugly and error prone job, since your need to enumerate all pages and edit all links. Thus, no one really likes to edit sitemaps manually. If you need to hire a consultant, a sitemap might even cost more than a single page. Magic sitemaps by CM-X CM-X builds sitemaps in a snap. For a short sitemap, you need to insert this

$ cm-x:sitemap.long $

in your CM-X managed page. For a long sitemap, you need to insert this

$ cm-x:sitemap.default $

That's all, really! CM-X computes all categories of your site, sorts them, and generates your sitemap for all pages which have been set as 'enabled' in CM-X.

Check our long and short sitemaps for this site.