Entwickeln und verwalten Sie Ihre Website auf Ihrem Mac - einfach und kostengünstig.
CM-X Screenshots
Eine Definition des Begriffs CMS finden Sie hier. Work locally, act globally Most content management systems [CMS] need to be installed on a web server and thus require certain components to be available on your webserver. Opposed to this, CM-X is a native OS X application, through which your prepare your website on your local computer. Thus, you are able to edit your site whereever you are and whether your are connected to the internet or not. Once your site or new pages are ready, CM-X pushed all updates to your webserver. CM-X isn't a WYSIWUG web editor Most companies need to publish content - marketing papers, product information, contact details - but don't need to do website design. Thus, CM-X focuses fully on content editing. The build in content editor allows to pick a web page and edit its content. A single COMMAND-E starts CM-X' internal web server, opens your favorite browser and previews your webpage. Each page is generated on demand. Prepared for multilingual sites Need to prepare a multiligual site? Well, CM-X is prepared to do just this. Using a single drop-down list box, you select the desired language and start editing a page. For each language, CM-X allows to define and edit content. Best of all, CM-X maintains and links pages in different languages together. CM-X brief Most content management
  • Native OS X solution - all content editing is done on OS X
  • Includes built-in preview webserver
  • Generated site can be used on any webserver [even free servers]
  • Prepared for multilingual site.
  • Internet connection not required while editing website [edit pages 'on the move']
  • Tiger, Panther and Jaguar compliant
  • Dynamically evaluates PHP script code [supports any PHP version]
  • Dynamically fixes certain XHTML code errors
  • Dynamically shrinks generated code [review 'Page source' in your browser]
  • No configuration required