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Manage your personal finance on your Macintosh

CoCoaCash is a personal finance management solution exclusively designed for Macintosh Computers. Available for Core Duo, Core Solo, G5, G4 and G3 computers, CoCoaCash is a first class citizen on all Apple Computer systems.

Note, that CoCoaCash is currently a free preview. More features are likely to get added soon.

Available features
  • Virtually unlimited Undo/Redo feature
  • Manages several accounts, categories
  • Sofisticated search feature: Filter by title, description, amount, category, type or 'any'
  • Document-oriented - one document for each user
  • Categories : Describes the area of a transaction [e.g. car, home,...]
  • Types : Describes the financial type of a transaction [e.g. money order, credit card]
Planned features
  • Partners : Manage financial partners contact and transaction details [e.g. account numbers,...]
  • Templates : Pre-scheduled transactions
  • Import of transaction data from financial institutions [e.g. PostBank]
  • Versatile reports/charts: By account, by category, by type, by period of time
  • Browser like transaction drill-down: Account > Car > Month 12
System requirements Any OS X 10.4 or newert computer
Universal Binary compatible [Core Duo, Core Solot, G5, G3 and G3]