Selling products? Need to sell more? Use FroogleUp to promote your product-listings through Froogle, Google's free product listing search engine.
FrooleeUp Produkt Datenbank
'FroogleUp' not only allows to manage your product listings in a fast and very stable database system, it finally submits your listings to Froogle too. Due to its included snippets database for desciption templates or categories, maintaining your listing is prepared in a snap.

5 simple stept to get your products promoted

  • Start 'FroogleUp - a fresh database is created by default
  • Create as much product records as needed
  • Define properties for each product [name, description, price, etc.]
  • Set all products which should be transferred to Google as 'Enabled'
  • Finally, submit your product listing using one single click
  • maintains its own fast and stable database
  • allows to manage as many products as needed
  • supports all Froogle product properties for products of type 'Book', 'Music' and 'Video' and - yes - Other'
  • submits your listing file with one step - no FTP application required
  • allows to preview HTML pages or graphics files
  • allows to maintain often used texts in its own 'Text Snippets' database
  • ships with a complete set of product categories. You may add your own categories too.
  • has a very simple streamlined user interface
The tech facts
  • Ships with it a rock-solid embedded SQL-database system and FTP client software
  • Allows to manage thousands of products
  • Supports all properties of Froogle products listings
  • Compatible with Froogle U.S., Froogle U.K. and Froogle Germany
  • Moreover, compatible with all Froogle supported languages and currencies

Requires OS X 10.2.x oder Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000.