Extract data from web pages and XML files and save results as Excel documents.
Versatile data extraction solution intelliFilter is a business solution, which allows to extract loosly structured data from arbitrary input files. Most of our customers use intelliFilter to extract address or contact data from web pages. But intelliFilter isn't limited to web pages. In fact, the application exports from any data source, which contains formatting annotations besides the actual data.

intelliFilter is well prepared for any annotated input data

  • HTML files
  • Web pages of internet shops
  • XML and SGML files
  • RTF files
To learn, how to use intelliFilter, review the sample HTML input file of the demo download. Optimized for business use intelliFilter uses a very simple pattern matching mechanism to select the desired data from a data source. In fact, you need to copy one sample record of the input file and replace all parts - which should be written in the result Excel sheet - by '[[]]'. Finally, select the directory of the input files and click 'Match'. intelliFilter matches your sample pattern against all input files and creates an Excel sheet for your. System requirements Requires OS X 10.2.8

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