Apple Computer's Rendezvous Protokoll - jetzt als Bonjour - bezeichnet, dient der automatischen Lokaliserung von Netzwerkdiensten.
Rendezvous is a cross platform technology to advertise and find computer services in a computer network.

A service is a well defined operation a computer or networked hardware device may perform. The neet thing about Rendezvous is, that it defines human readable names for services like 'Printing @ Marketing Printer' or 'WebServer @ Developer Department'. Therefore, there is no need to remember cryptic IP-Numbers like And since Rendezvous is very well specified, it even find services automatically - as soon as a service provider advertises it.

But what, if only Apple could use this service? Well, Rendezvous is in fact Apple Computer's invention but meanwhile it is a platform neutral standard with the technical name ZeroConf (Zero Configuration Networking). Thus, Rendezvous is available not only for OS X, but for Windows, Linux and virtually any other operating system too.

turingart implemented Rendezvous in seeCard, to make the application super simple. You never need to enter technical details of your network. seeCard Rendezvous finds other seeCard Rendezvous systems by magic. seeCard not only knows, that a service exists, but it even know where is lives and how to connect to this service.

The technically minded reader is invited to read the not too simple technical details at ZeroConf.Org