URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, a specification, where and how to access some kind of resource, e.g. a HTML-page or a graphics file

URLs are composed of 3 parts:

  • The type of resource (e.g. http:)
  • The name of the server, which holds the resource (e.g. www.turingart.com)
  • And finally the exact location of the object on the server (z.B. /index.htm)

turingart's iURL manages any type of URL. Most common are these type of URLs.

  • mailto : Specifies an email address.
  • http : An object on a web server.
  • https : An object on a web server, which is transmitted using a secured communication method.
  • ftp : An object on a FTP server.
  • aim : A chat user ID, e.g. an iChat user on OS X
  • file : An object on your own local system
Please note, that URLs are case sensitive. In general, http://www.turinga.com/index.htm is something different than http://www.turinga.com/INDEX.htm .