Get insight what's happening. LogSurfer monitors your logfiles.

LogSurfer OS X and various system components write system logfiles in the /var/log folder of the OS X system disk. For system administrators, information found in /var/log is often vital, since severe problems might be identified, as soon as they appear. Moreover, software- and web-developers often inspect logfiles to find software bugs and problems.

LogSurfer is a handy application, which constantly monitors logfiles and prints new messages as soon as they appear. LogSurfer discovers upon its start-up process all available logfiles and prepares a popup menu to easily select the file of interest. LogSurfer Free vs. LogSurfer Pro

 LogSurfer Free   LogSurfer Pro 
Monitors multiple log-files Yes Yes
Filters logfiles Yes Yes
Regular expression support - Yes
Log entry statistics - Yes
Grwol notifications - Yes
Spoken notifications - Yes
Audible notifications - Yes