Oriental mood...

oriental mix - © 2005 Stefan Pantke. All Rights Reserved!


To use this musix on your website, in a product or in your telephone system, your need to order a license. If you plan to use this music in a product, the music can't be the music itself. Thus, you are allowed to order a license to use the music in a presentation, while your aren't allowed to use this music on a music CD, a sampler music CD [independent of format] or as part of a music software.

Please don't use this music without a license. The exclusive copyright to this music belong to Stefan Pantke. Illegal use of our music can and will be prosecuted! Please order a license to embed our music.


This music is available as MP3 or AAC files using different bitrates (resolutions). To be used on a website, we propose 128 bit MP3 files. To be used in your telephone system, we propose to use MP3 files.

All files are compatible with Windows, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and linux.