Stop making PHP debug output disrupt your designs or confuse your customers.
PHPDebugger - Early build PHPDebugger is a standalone server designed to help debugging PHP web-apps. Simple load the class TADebugger and use $sharedDebugger to post notification messages, backtraces or files back to PHPDebugger. Sample PHP sample project included.

Note, that PHPDebugger doesn't require a source-level recompile of your PHP installation, nor does PHPDebugger require a special IDE. Thus, PHPDebugger can be used in conjunction with any other infrastructural component.

iURL screenshot

TADebugger - Ships with TADebugger.inc.php, the debugger's interface class.
Simple - Prints source line of error or exception automatically.
Preconfigured - Automatically sets up error and exception handler.
Networked - PHP web-apps communicates using TCP with PHPDebugger through LAN or internet.
Remote source view - To be debugged app sends sources to PHPDebugger on demand.

Available for OS X 10.4.x or newer.