Kiel, Germany (October 19, 2004) - turingart is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a TrendyMac, a native OS X web logfile analyzer.

TrendyMac is a web server logfile analyzer developed for OS X users, who need to evaluate logfiles in a simple yet powerful way. Other solutions live on a web server and require complex configuration. TrendyMac lives on an OS X system, evaluates logfiles and presents an interactive view of analysis results. Since the application doesn't create HTML pages, but standard Mac windows and controls, analysis results can be further evaluated using filters, sort options and 'Focus on' features.

The current release 0.9 is a prerelease of the final application. Thus, some features are disabled. turingart released this early version to get feedback from OS X users.

Besides standard logfile features like visitors, referrer and browser analysis, TrendyMac implements a search engine analysis to find out, how a user found his way to a specific website. Moreover, a GEO analysis computes country, state and city of visitors. Thus, TrendyMac is an important marketing strategy tool.

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