Kiel, Germany (1st January, 2005) - turingart is pleased to announce the immediate availability of seeCard Rendezvous 2.0.

seeCard Rendezvous uses Apple Computer's Rendezvous technology to share OS X address books in a simple yet powerful way. The app is very Mac-friendly, since no special configuration of network properties is required. Users simple start the app, click on 'Share my AB' or use the 'AB Chooser' to finder other address books.

The new release 2.0 comes with a new and very intuitive GUI, which makes using seeCard very handy.

seeCard Rendezvous is a pure Cocoa application for OS X, very small and ships with english and german localizations in a single application file.

Later this year, turingart will ship seeCard Server and seeCard Status Item. Besides native sharing, seeCard Server will include web-sharing through a build in web server, while seeCard Status Item will allow to access shared address books through the main menu bar.

A MacOS 9 version is not available. OS 9 users should wait for seeCard Server and use web sharing through their favorite browser.

Download location: http://www.turingart.com/downloads/seeCard.dmg

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