Kiel, 20th January 2005 - turingart (http://www.turingart.com/) joins the eBay developer program

Today, turingart joined the eBay developer program, to

Besides the well know features like smart group sorting using live filters, preview of still images and QT movies and iURLs Discover (crawl) and Multiload (1 link downloads multiple files), iURL now comes with interesting new functionality.

Now, iURL is accessible from virtually any application through a system global hotkey (QuickJump, QuickSearch), supports live search like Apple.Mail or Finder, far faster screen updates, colored links and - probably most interesting - 'Save to' and 'Open from' WebDAV/WebDisk systems like Apple Computer's iDisk and MacNews.de's MacNewsPLUS Disk.

Besides this, iURL integrates well with OS X and provides nice drag and drop functionality.

English localization: http://www.turingart.com/downloads/addURL.sit German localization: http://www.turingart.com/downloads/addURL-DE.sit turingart Gerhardstr. 68 D-24105 Kiel Germany http://www.turingart.com/