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User Voices
Dr. Don Z. [Personal email]
Regarding FroogleUp license for MacOS X v.10.3.9: This was exceedingly easy to install! It just about "self-installed" - that is, FroogleUp identified the MacOS X license file which I dragged out of Apple Mail.app to the desktop and then all I had to do was to click on "Choose".

Regarding TrendyMac: Also the register file installed the license almost instantaneously!! Everything works exceedingly well. You can quote me on this!! Best regards, Don

Normand Lepine (Montreal) [Versiontracker]
I discovered this app by chance in an Apple forum. AB Transfer did a fantastic job for me. My client sent me an Excel doc (.xls) containing 325 rows of members' infos. I had to extract the names and email addresses only for each, in order to create a Group in Address Book for mass mailing purposes. First I exported the Excel doc to a tab-delimited text file. Then, with AB Transfer I was able to import the required fields only and create the Group flawlessly in less than 5 minutes! Probably saved me 3 days of manual unbillable work (with typos)....
lacwbo [Versiontracker]
[AB Transfer] The license problem is now fixed. I was able to use the license link provided and successfully registered the application. The developer was very helpful and responsive to my problem.
mumerri [Versiontracker]
I've been using iURL for a while now, and some features I simply love! Multiple downloading (for example, you can automatically download file001.jpg-file099.jpg) is great! Well worth the price. Support from author is also top quality. Some stability problems on the first betas, but these where ironed out a long ago.
Softpedia, Internet
Softpedia is a neutral software repository dedicated to provide quality software and and detailed review. Some - and onyl some - products get a certificate from Softpedia. These turingart applications received a '100% CLEAN' Softpedia Award: BackCheck, FroogleUp, TrendyMac and seeCard Rendezvous. We neither paied nor did any other kind of Softpedia sponsoring.
Press Coverage
MacAddict, USA
These turingart products will be part of U.S. MacAddict's December cover disk: LogSurfer, TrendyMac, AB Transfer, AB for Web.
MacWorld, USA
iURL is part of MacWorld's 'Shareware Picks' collection.
ASCII Magazine, Japan
seeCard reviewed in the ASCII's Mac Magazin. On cover disc.
MacUp, Germany
AB Transfer reviewed in MacUp. On cover disc.