Share your OS X address books through your local network - no .Mac, no external system and simply secure. No configuration required!

OS X features a great set of communication functionality. You may send and receive email, chat with poeple all oder the world, publish web pages and share allmost everything with other Mac users. Everything but.. the address book (AB). Although the AB is a vital point of information, you simply can't share or synchronize AB records with other OS X users.

Well, you couldn't share or synchronize ABs - in the past. Now you can - using seeCard Rendezvous, a nice and stable application from turingart.

Publish and sycnchronize address books live between your Macs

seeCard exchanges AB records directly between OS X users, even multiple users logged on simultaniously on a single system. Directly means directly - you always see those records, which are available on the partner system at that moment. Moreover, seeCard adds new records automatically to your own AB through its intelligent QuickSync functionality.

seeCard is an intentionally streamlined application, which shares and synchronizes address book data. It isn't a super-duper app with hundrets of features, but simple yet powerful:
- Share your whole address book or only parts
- Look inside shared address books
- Sychronize your address book
- Export address data using comma separated values and access them using Excel(CSV)
- Based on TCP/IP networking - and nothing else
- Using Apple's revolutionary Rendezvous technology, seeCard finds other seeCard users by magic
- Pure CoCoa - thuse clean and stable, very stable
- Moreover, seeCard is very small

seeCard requires OS X 10.2 and should run on any Mac - no further systems components required