TrendyMac analysiert Ihre Logfiles 'the Mac-way' - einfach und intuitiv.
Web analytics made simple - finally on your Mac Did you ever tried to configure wusage, Analog or other web based logfile analyzer tools? Do you really know, how to configure these tools to get good looking website reports?

Well, if you know, then just stop reading!

TrendyMac is definitely not the right tool for you! But if you hate cryptic configuration files of web-based web logfile analyzers, then continue. Trendy is your new log analyzer for OS X or Windows! It's simple and fun to prepare nice looking reports. Web analytics made simple - finally on your Mac Web based log analyzers live on a web server, TrendyMac lives on your Mac. Running a report for your own site or for your customer is simple: Drag file on TrendyMac's main window, set options and finally click the 'Analyze' button. That's it!

TrendyMac reads one or more logfiles and prepares reports. Using a simple GUI, browse through your reports, filter results and finally print reports.

Fatures of the current preview

  • Available report types
    • Visitors
    • Browsers
    • Sites (Servers)
    • Pages
    • Search engine queries
    • Referrer
    • HTTP result, HTTP operations and HTTP protocols
    • Time report
    • Versatile regular expression based 'Special' report
    • GEO analysis (to be enabled)
  • Shows results in nice Mac-like windows using standard controls
  • Live filters and focus on features
  • See, how people found your site using search engines and analyze search engine queries
  • Check, which languages your clients speak
  • Find out, which other web server forwarded links to your site
  • See fully qualified domain names of your customers, not only IP number
  • See readable URLs, not only cryptic looking encoded URLs
  • Versatile Special Report fature allows to create virtually unlimited and brand new report types
  • Reads compressed log files (*.gz)
  • Enabled for 'Common', 'Combined' and 'Short' logfile format
  • Prints good looking reports and creates PDFs (on OS X)
  • TrendyMac is prepared to show diacritical characters used in France, e.g.
System requirements Requires OS X 10.2.8 or Windows XP