Download internet media files fast and comfortable
WebBeaver's Multiload Window WebBeaver screenshot

Automated image discovery and retrieval WebBeaver crawls sites and finds all images. Due to its unique technology, it even downloads thousands of images using a sigle link. Sample links included. WebBeaver is a fully automated solution to download web resources sharing a common name like car-1.jpg, car-2.jpg, car-3.jpg. You enter one link, WebBeaver downloads thousands of files for you. Although WebBeaver can download any web resource, it is best suited for images data, since it has a preview feature for jpeg, gif, png, pdf and tiff files. Thus you'll see everything as soon as it is available.

WebBeaver is unique regarding its handling of links: You enter one generic link and WebBeaver generates hundreds or thousands other similar links - and checks and downloads stuff in parallel. To make a long story short: WebBeaver downloads resources fully automated while making most of your internet connection. Fatures

  • Multiload: Downloads all files sharing a common base name at one
  • Includes link SQL database system
  • Integrated image preview [original size or site to fit]
  • Crawls websites and discovers image data
  • Multiple parallel download and retrieval operations
  • Scrollable image gallery for fast navigation using optimized thumbnails
  • Slideshow