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Discover treasures of the web The web contains important marketing, business and research related information - somewhere. Discovering the right information isn't trivial. webXtract performs custom web visibility reports for you. Wheter your are running a business, need to do marketing research or need to find scientific data, webXtract helps. Your get a complete list - up to 9000 results - of all discovered pages, which contain your key words. webXtract use-case samples Use-cases of webXtract are virtually unlimited. Here are some examples:
  • Find all electrical engineering RFPs [Requests for proposal]
  • Find citations of your last press releases
  • Find citations of your scientific papers
  • Find where and how your competition is positioned
  • Find where and how your products have been reviewed
What you'll get We prepare your custom report based on our findings. To be more specific, you get this:
  • Up to 9000 findings per report
  • Microsoft Excel - Report results prepared in an Excel worksheet - ideal for further MS Office processing
  • .csv - Report results prepared as a .csv file. Ideal for further processing
  • PDF - Finally, you'll get a formatted report by means of a PDF
  • Available within 48 hours once you prepared your order.
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